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Helena Vlahinja Klauznicer

Helena is a psychologist and behavioral scientist who, after completing college, moved to Doha, Qatar, where she worked in human resources. Inspired by the book "Nudge," she recognized the importance of applying insights about human behavior and decision-making to encourage people to make better decisions for themselves and society.

She decided to join B4Development, the first behavioral insights unit in the MENA region. This unit was established to leverage the upcoming FIFA World Cup to drive profound behavioral changes in Qatari society. As a senior behavioral scientist, Helena led or participated in more than 70 projects in areas such as sustainability, education, sports, and organizational behavior, aiming to achieve positive behavioral changes.

During her work at B4Development and collaboration on projects with Nudge Lebanon, Helena gained extensive experience working with international organizations such as WHO, FIFA, UNDP, Concacaf, and leading global organizations in behavioral science such as Busara and Ideas42.

In early 2023, she moved back to Croatia with her husband and two children (because what is life without grandparents, right?) and launched Insightfully, a consultancy agency in the field of behavioral science. She aims to bridge the gap between the latest research in behavior and practical applications in business and public contexts. She believes that by applying behavioral science and behavioral design, we can help clients make informed decisions, optimize their processes, and achieve desired results, ultimately leading to an improvement in people's quality of life.

a woman in glasses and a suit jacket
a woman in glasses and a suit jacket

Andrijana is a psychologist, researcher, and senior lecturer in the field of economic psychology and behavioral economics. She was among the first in Croatia to earn a doctorate in applied psychology, specifically combining behavioral economics and economic psychology.

For many years, Andrijana has been a senior lecturer at ZŠEM, where she teaches and leads the Laboratory for Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEE Lab). Besides her academic career, she has been organizing and conducting training for the business community and participating in practical projects. Andrijana's business passion lies in creating initiatives that encourage positive behavioral changes by recognizing the limitations of human rationality and bridging the gap between people's intentions and their actual behavior. This particularly applies to positive behavioral changes in the areas of sustainability (mobility, energy, waste, and recycling), health, education, personal finance, and organizational behavior.

She currently serves as a senior behavioral scientist at the Swedish startup Nudgd, which focuses on creating solutions that encourage sustainable behavior and is currently among the top 50 most promising EU startups in clean mobility. She has experience working with companies from the UK, Sweden, Germany, the Baltic countries, Switzerland, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Qatar, and Lebanon, and has extensive experience working with global humanitarian organizations (UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children Initiative, Nudge Lebanon). She closely collaborates with UNICEF Croatia and the European Research Centre.

As the founder of Insights, a consulting agency for behavioral change, she aims to make research findings more accessible to organizations that wish to promote positive behavioral changes among their employees, consumers, or users.

dr. sc. Andrijana Mušura Gabor